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New Directions Video

The New Directions Video

This video was developed specifically for use in group counselling and educational sessions for men who have used abusive behaviour in relationships. The video can also be effectively used in groups for who have experienced abuse from their intimate partners, and in individual or couple counselling when issues of disrespectful behaviour need to be addressed.

The video can be used to:

  • Raise awareness about the range of behaviours that can be hurtful or abusive.
  • Identify the effects and responses of abusive behaviour on the partner, relationship, children, and the individual himself or herself.
  • Explore what contributes to the use of abusive behaviour: beliefs, thoughts, feelings, situational factors, etc.
  • Examine how disagreements and conflicts escalate and identify methods of de-escalation.
  • Discuss specific and concrete alternatives to abusive behaviour.

Video Cost:

Catholic Family Service Ottawa and the New Directions team put considerable planning and resources into the development and production of this video. The video sells for $250 (+$3 for shipping).

To order a copy of the New Directions Video, contact Jeff Bondy at or by phone at 613-233-8478 ext. 229.