Programs & Services

Services for Men who have experienced sexual abuse

This program serves men aged 16 years and older who have been sexually abused.

The goal of the program is to help men, provide them with a safe place to share and break the silence; to acquire knowledge about the effects of sexual abuse on their lives; and to help them develop inner strength and improved skills for managing life challenges.

Program Components:

  • An intake meeting with the Program Coordinator to assess what services are best suited to them
  • A 12 week group program. (2 hours per week).
  • Individual counseling (maximum of 12 sessions)
  • Referral to other services as required.

Cost: Services under this program are provided free of charge

Contact information:

If you would like more information about the program or to access services for men who have been sexually abused, please contact the Program Coordinator at 613-233-8478 or by TTY at 613-233-1866

This program is subsidized by the Ontario Victim and Vulnerable Persons Division, Ministry of the Attorney General.

New Directions

New Directions is a 12 week group counselling program that helps individuals who have been ordered by the courts for domestic related criminal charges. The goal of the program is to help people take responsibility for and change behaviour that has been hurtful, disrespectful, controlling, or abusive to a current or former spouse or intimate partner.

Who Attends New Directions?

New Directions offers services, in both official languages, to adults (18 years of age and over).  Clients can be referred to the Program in as a condition of a Court Order after being charged with, or found guilty of, a domestic violence offence;

New Directions also provides services for gay, lesbian and transgender clients. Depending on the demand, these services may be provided in a group or individual format.

Contact the Program Co-ordinator, Jeff Bondy, at 613-233-8478, ext. 225 or at [email protected] for more information or to schedule an intake appointment.

Partner Outreach

We provide partners and former partners of program participants with individual and group support, information and referral to community resources, and safety planning. Partner Outreach is confidential.

Learn more about victim rights:

Program Fees are calculated by using a sliding scale and are based on the gross annual income of the client. Language and sign language interpreters are available for those who need help communicating in English or French. (No cost to client)

New Directions is funded by the Ontario Victim and Vulnerable Persons Division, Ministry of the Attorney General and the fees collected from clients.



Our counselling services assist individuals, couples and families in crisis and/or in need of support. Our professional counsellors can help individuals explore and understand the challenges they are facing by: finding effective ways to cope with personal stressors; addressing mental health issues; enhancing problem solving and conflict resolution skills; and overall improve an individual’s personal well-being.

Services available include: 

  • Intake and assessments
  • Individual counselling session
  • Group counselling
  • Workshops and presentations

Our counselling services are available within the following locations in Ottawa:

  • 310 Olmstead (CFSO)
  • 290 Dupuis Street (Vanier Community Service Ottawa)
  • 40 Cobourg Street (Lowertown Community Resource Centre)
  • 240 Centrum Boulevard (Orleans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre)

Our counselling services are available in English, French, and Farsi. Language interpretation, including sign language, is provided upon request. Cost: The fee for this service is assessed using a sliding scale and is based on your annual family income and number of dependents.

This program is partially subsidized by the United Way and the City of Ottawa.

Caring Dads

Caring Dads is a program designed to improve the safety and well-being of children by working with fathers who have a history of abusing or neglecting their children; or exposing them to abuse of their mothers. The program sets out to address the impact of abuse and family violence on their children’s lives and enhance the men’s capability to interact in a caring and respectful manner with their children and children’s mothers.

Through 14 group sessions fathers will:

  • Develop skills to cope in healthy ways with frustrating situations
  •  Understand how different fathering strategies and choices affect children
  • Increase their awareness of controlling, abusive, and neglectful attitudes and behaviours
  • Be provided with strategies to strengthen the father-child relationship

For more information about Caring Dads here in Ottawa or to register, contact Fouad Khan:

For general information about Caring Dads, visit their website: Caring Dads

Walk In Counselling Clinic

Do you need someone to talk to?  The Walk-in Counselling Clinic provides counselling services for individuals, couples, and families on a first come, first served basis. No appointment or referral is necessary! The Clinic is a no-fee service aiming to help you deal with life’s challenges.

                      Click here for times and locations

                     For walk-in counselling clinics specifically for children:  Crossroads

                     For walk-in counselling clinics specifically for youth:  Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa

Funding provided by the Champlain Local Health Integration Network.


The Advocacy & Community Outreach Program assists vulnerable and marginalized individuals/groups who face barriers in accessing services related to immigration, refugee status, disabilities, and living on low income.

Description of the program:

The Advocacy Worker is available to meet with individuals or representatives of organizations to help identify specific needs and develop the best course of action.

Services include:                      

  • Information and referrals that link individuals and families to appropriate services and programs
  • Information sessions & presentations to the public
  • Outreach to vulnerable and marginalized groups who face barriers when accessing services
  • Participation in community planning and coordination activities

Cost: Services for this program are free to residents of the City of Ottawa. Language interpretation and sign language interpretation available upon request

Contact information:

If you would like to access advocacy or community outreach services or would like more information, please contact the Advocacy and Outreach Worker by telephone at 613-233-8478 or by TTY at 613-233-1866.

Capacity Building/Resilience Program

Skill building groups that aim to foster and/or enhance resilience in children, youth and adults.

  • Includes groups that focus on emotional regulation, anger management and skills for living.