Who We Are

CFS Ottawa is a bilingual, non-profit organization that has been providing social services to our community since 1940. CFS Ottawa was created in an era when faith communities were the major providers of social services, there being no government funded social service agencies, and was established to respond to the needs of Catholics and Francophones in our community. On January 2nd, 1940, CFS Ottawa was born. While it’s initial mandate was to provide services to Catholics and Francophones of Ottawa, very early in our history we opened our doors to all residents. Today we provide services, in English and French to everyone, regardless of religion, race, culture, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. Initially the majority of our work focused on providing practical assistance to our clients. Over the years, as various levels of Government began to offer financial and practical assistance, we transitioned to providing counselling and support services. Today we offer a variety of counselling and support services for a broad range of issues. Our services have become more specialized, targeted, and evidence informed. We help people in the present, but also provide them with the tools to face future adversity. We strive, as well, to be inclusive and accessible in the broadest sense of the word.  Today we offer a variety of counselling and support services for a broad range of issues. To reflect the organization’s evolution, it’s name was therefore changed from Catholic Family Service Ottawa to Counselling and Family Service Ottawa in June of 2018.

In January 2008 we purchased a building in Vanier and after renovations moved into our new location in May. Our new building offers more space and better facilities to offer an even greater range of services to the residents of Ottawa.

Since 1940, CFS Ottawa has worked with individuals and families in our community, helping them develop their strengths and overcome barriers. Healthy individuals and families leads to a healthy community.