Who We Are

Mission Statement

Counselling and Family Service Ottawa is a non-profit charitable organization, offering a range of social services in English and French to all residents of Ottawa. These services are provided by professional qualified staff through a variety of programs designed to strengthen and empower individuals and families.


We believe that all humans are in relationship with others, and we (CFS Ottawa), embody the commitment to nurture, in justice and love, the community life of the whole society.

We believe that strong and healthy families lead to strong and healthy communities.

We believe that clients must be our primary consideration.

We believe that the French speaking population of Ottawa has the right of access to a complete range of quality social services in French.

We believe in empowering women to have a voice, to exercise control over their lives, and to participate equally in all aspects of society.

We believe that children and adolescents merit particular attention.

We believe in the value, uniqueness, and dignity of all persons.

We believe that diversity brings strength, insight and richness to our community and to our agency.

We believe in actively working to bring about change that improves people’s full participation in society.

We believe that to serve our community effectively, we must respond to new ideas and emerging needs.

We believe in a solution focussed approach based on client strengths.

We believe that clients and former clients have an important contribution to make to the agency.

We believe that we must be responsible to the community.