Helping individuals and families grow stronger and thrive

When life starts to make us feel trapped, it’s sometimes hard to see the way out. At CFS Ottawa you’ll find caring, qualified people who understand what you’re going through, and targeted programs and services that have helped thousands of others before you. Let’s start the conversation.

Are you in crisis or in need of emotional support?

Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families

We offer group and individual counselling to help you better understand the challenges you’re facing, cope with stressors, develop problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills and get back to living a good life.

Do you need someone to talk to?

Walk-in Counselling

When life’s challenges become too much, immediate support is available without an appointment or referral. You can connect with a counsellor in person, on the phone or online.

Do you face barriers when accessing services related to immigration, refugee status, disability or living on low income?

Advocacy for Excluded Communities

We invite you to meet with an advocacy worker to discuss your best course of action and get referrals to the right information, people, programs and services.

Have you been charged with domestic violence?

New Directions (Partner Assault Response – PAR)

This 12-week group counselling program will help you take responsibility for and change behaviours that have led to abuse or contributed to the breakdown of a relationship. Available to both men and women.

Men in group discussion
Are you struggling to be a good parent?

Counselling for Parents

Parenting a child is one of the most important jobs there is. It is also one of the most difficult. Our counsellors and programs can help you look at what’s keeping you from being the best parent you can be and help you develop new parenting skills.

Are you a man who has been subjected to sexual abuse?

Men Who are Survivors of Sexual Abuse

This program provides men with a safe place to share, learn about the effects of sexual abuse, and develop skills for going forward. Whether you are a cis or a trans man, you are welcome.

Are you a Francophone woman who has been abused by a partner?

Francophone Women Survivors of Partner Violence

Whether you have left an abusive partner or are still living in that situation, we can help by providing access to counselling services and support groups, and with navigating the system.

Two adults supporting each other
Are you a Francophone woman who has been subjected to sexual abuse?

Francophone Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Provides Francophone women with a safe place to share and heal, to regain control of their lives and learn ways of managing the symptoms of distress caused by sexual abuse.

Have you been affected by sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces?

Support for Francophone Survivors of Sexual Misconduct in the CAF

If you have experienced sexual misconduct in the CAF and are part of the Francophone minority community, we can support you with one-on-one counselling and group therapy. Programming is available online, in-person and by phone.

Have you left an abusive relationship, or are thinking about it?

Practical Support for Women Survivors of Violence

When you’re not sure where to go next, we can help you find somewhere to live, access financial and legal aid, and get counselling. Available to all women, cis and trans.

33% of our clients are French-speaking. As a leading service provider in the Ottawa region, it’s important to us that Francophones have access to services in their own language.