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News and Updates

Statement on Israel-Hamas

CFS Ottawa wishes for peace and an end to the violence in the Israel-Hamas conflict. We are deeply saddened by the violence and killings of civilians in Israel and Gaza and our hearts go out to everyone affected by the conflict and violence. We uphold the human right to practice religion and faith freely. We uphold the right that everyone should live free of violence, whether interpersonal, or in the context of war and conflict. Who we are, where we are from and what we believe in are things that make us beautiful and unique and build community and a sense of belonging. The situation in the Middle East is overwhelming for so many of us. We want all our neighbours, everyone in our community, [...]

The Walk-In Counselling Clinic is here to help

As we navigate the heart-wrenching war unfolding in the Middle East, many members of our community are scared, grieving, and are concerned about their loved ones. The Walk-in Counselling Clinic is here to offer emotional support. We have Arabic, French, and English-speaking counsellors available to listen to you. Our services are free.

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