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Survivor supports: for survivors of gender-based violence

If you choose to stay

Know what to do if things change

Call 911 if you or your children are in danger.

Tell someone you trust to call the police if they think you are in danger.

Call an abuse support program, a counselling agency or a crisis line.

Keep the number of a shelter handy and make a plan in case you have to leave.

If you choose to leave

Have a plan to leave safely

Leaving can be dangerous. Talk with a friend or counsellor to plan the safest way to leave.

Decide whether you will take your children with you or leave them with someone safe.

Have a safe destination in mind – the home of a friend or family member; a shelter, safe home, motel or hotel; or another city.

Get legal advice about getting a peace bond or restraining order to keep your abuser away from you.

Put some money away in a safe place.

Plan to bring a few essentials, including clothes for a few days for you and your children.

If you have a court order, keep it with you at all times. Leave a copy at work, in your car or with a friend.

Call Social Services for information on financial assistance.

Be safe once you’re on your own

Get legal advice about custody, immigration and housing issues.

Tell your neighbours and landlord that your abuser no longer lives with you.

Tell them to call the police if they see your abuser near your home.

Ask your landlord if you can change the locks on your doors and windows.

Practice a safety plan with your children and tell the school or daycare who has permission to pick up your children (give them a copy of your Family Court papers if you have them).

Change your phone number

If you are thinking of returning to your abuser, talk to someone about your safety.

Think about joining a women’s support group or doing one-on-one counselling.

Our Partners and Funders

We are grateful for the partnerships that make Survivors Supports possible, including with the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, Unsafe At Home Ottawa and Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre.

Thank you to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services for funding the creation of Survivor Supports.

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